Wednesday, October 20, 2010

bobbing for apples

i don't remember my age
on the day of my very first halloween party
but i do remember
costumes were compulsory
(something i still require)
and there were games
bobbing for apples
each apple holding a prize
some had coins
others had slips of paper, wrapped in plastic
naming a prize
and i remember
getting really wet
and laughing 
until my stomach hurt
it is a halloween tradition
that i think has sadly gone by the wayside
so i am bringing it back
with these cupcakes
an homage
to a favorite childhood game
bobbing for apples cupcakes
bake your favorite cupcakes
frost with buttercream (tinted blue)
make small balls out of marzipan
dip the balls in red food color and let dry
poke a hole with a toothpick and insert a chocolate jimmie
wrap with a cupcake wrapper shaped as a bucket
i don't have a template to share, but i took a cupcake wrapper, traced it on silver paper, then added handles
just a little black marker, gave them a bit of depth
so easy, right?
check out more fun stuff over at tatertots and jello weekend wrap-up


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