Thursday, October 28, 2010

crazy cocktailin'

so i have this liquor cabinet
that seems to have more going in
than coming out
i have these grand ideas
about having cocktails before dinner
or the two martini lunch
but i just never seem to get around to it
i am extremely well prepared
lets say
there were a disaster
 the best survival tool was a cocktail
we would live forever

i was browsing my google reader
and saw this post from scary mommy
which encouraged me to hit the bottle

i have a lot of candy corn lying about
so it was a natural choice

candy cocktails
1 cup of candy
2-3 cups of vodka or rum
put in a mason jar and let sit for at least 2 days
strain and bottle

one jar with vodka
and the other
with rum

i now firmly believe that
candy corn rum
should be the requisite 
pirate tipple
it is really, really good
get depp on the phone

*i am experimenting with some other flavors and will post them soon (sneak preview...toasted marshmallow vodka)


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