Wednesday, March 24, 2010

j is for jiffy pop

who can forget
those nights when mom and dad 
left a babysitter in charge
which meant 
hours of
 prank calls
(do you have prince albert in a can?)
ding dong ditch
and then finally
settling in to 
The Magical World of Disney
with some freshly popped
jiffy pop
shaking back and forth
on the electric coil
until the foil hat was so full
it just might have exploded right then and there
the memories i have 
are so vivid
although the popcorn wasn't
it has come to symbolize
the joy
and simplicity
of my childhood

I am participating in alphabe-thursday over at 
you should go check it out
and see what all the fun is about
this week
sponsored by the letter J


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