Friday, March 27, 2009

Naivetee or Normal?

So, I started getting hundreds of comment postings on the blog. You know the one's...the spam that you can't seem to stop...that's filled with prescription information or worse yet, sites with deviant behavior. Many of the postings were from the latter. When I googled Fudge Ripple, I got the answer I really didn't want. Although my blog was a respectable number 6 in the charts, number 1 was something that even I couldn't believe.

Someone, no a group of people, have turned what was a simple flavor of ice cream into a very deviant and extremely unsanitary behavior. At first I laughed. I actually laughed hysterically, almost to the point of madness. Thankfully I was sitting at a table next to deaf people (honestly), so they were spared my laughter, then my multiple... "wait, wait, it really doesn't say that does it?", again, laughter... I had to put it down, so I could finish my breakfast.

The older I get, the more I realize that I am not as savvy as I want to believe I am. Although, is it really a badge of honor to know all the fringe vernacular of our less than polite society? What would be whispered in corners or perhaps at a frat party is now part of every day conversation. What exactly do we call a self-voyeur? A seloyeur? We really can't get enough of ourselves can we?

Short story long, one man's sweet is another man's unsavory...

I took my blogsite down and re-positioned it here. So if you are reading this, you have found my new space. I am working on a new post with new recipes...keep reading!


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