Sunday, October 3, 2010

poetic apples

i love october
mainly because of halloween
but also because of the promise october holds
the promise of dark cool mornings
followed by crisp afternoons
perfect for a walk
down country roads
the crackle of autumn leaves at my feet
and an irish knit to keep me warm
promises are meant to be broken
when you live in southern california

instead of crisp afternoons
i find myself with crunchy granny smith apples
and rather than
 dark cool mornings
i have dark warm chocolate
sometimes a broken promise isn't all that bad

i don't have a recipe for you, as these are quite simple
but i do have a couple of tips

-use good chocolate--bittersweet or milk, whatever your fancy--but make sure it is good.  you can learn how to temper chocolate in the microwave, here
- if you make your own caramel--let it set and then warm when you are ready to dip your apples  i actually make my caramel in advance, let it set and cool, then roll it into round sheets much like you can buy in the store.
i like this recipe from the culinary institute of america
 i find it easier to drape the sheet over the apple than to dip it
-i roll the caramel apples in toasted, salted almonds, but peanuts and pecans are yummy too! i have found that putting the nuts under the chocolate, gives the chocolate something to grab, and also allows for festive decoration
-floral tape on the stick, covers a myriad of sins
and cute ribbon turns it from an apple to a present

you should go to your kitchen right now
and make these
they are delicious
and some might say


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