Saturday, June 21, 2014

brandied apricots

last you heard from me was spring
and now we are in summer
full stop
been busy on the farm
enough to keep us very busy

i have been cooking and crafting and lots of other things
but not much blogging
my late nights are taken up by
deep and heavy sleep!

we picked a bucket load of apricots the other day
and i have been working to preserve them for our
winter larder
this year
i have decided to brandy some 
which is a fancy way of saying
infusing with brandy
i've loaded my jars with 
freshly washed fruit
(sliced in half and pitted)
a sprinkle of sugar
(about a tablespoon per jar)
poured on the brandy

in some 
i added a few extra bits
rosemary in one
cinnamon stick in another
vanilla bean in a third

there are so many lovely combinations to try
i am popping these onto a shelf, in a cool pantry
but the fridge would be a great place too
(if only i had room in the fridge)

Brandied Apricots


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