Friday, November 15, 2013

tomato pomegranate salad

i put this salad together
for a fall brunch
using what i had on hand

starting with the beautiful yellow tomato
adding ingredients for contrast
flavor, color and texture
creates a delicious and beautiful salad

tomato pomegranate salad

heirloom (or other flavorful tomato)
fresh chevre or fresh ricotta
pomegranate seeds
toasted and coarsely chopped pistachio nuts
chopped chives
sea salt
freshly ground black pepper
olive oil

arrange the tomato wedges--cut into one bite pieces, on platter.  drop chevre or ricotta evenly over the tomatoes.  sprinkle pomegranate seeds, chives and pistachio nuts.  the idea is that each bite will have a bit of each element, but not an overwhelming amount of each.  so be mindful of the proportion.  add a bit of sea salt and black pepper to taste and lightly drizzle a "finishing" olive oil on top
serve room temperature. if you prepare in advance, allow to come to room temperature before serving


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