Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

we are going to the home of a friend
who lives in one of those great neighborhoods
one where the kids come from all over los angeles to trick or treat 
because apparently
miley, the jonas boys and several other "celebrities" live there
it is safe
the homes are all decorated
 everyone dresses up

i love it
and i work the door

 those kids who really make an effort
on their costume
get a big candy bar
but the ones who wear a baseball cap
and say
i'm a fan
or a laker jersey
and say
i'm kobe
get candy from the grab bag

for the record
do not believe
that you are ever too old to trick or treat
but if you are in college
and can't get it together to put on a costume
that looks like a costume
 not a tshirt that says
this is my costume
then what you get from me
is a piece of paper that says
this is my treat
i'm all about the effort

hubster and i dress up
i make the costumes
and he does the scary makeup
last year we were
the hunchback of notre dame and a peacock
beauty and the beast, if you will
this year is a secret
have a fun and safe night!


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