Thursday, May 8, 2014

sweet eggs

come spring
we bring it outside
entertaining is a bit more relaxed
food becomes
a bit less fussy
perhaps a tad more whimsical
more seasonally driven

we keep chickens, ducks and geese
which means we have a generous supply of eggs

when putting together a weekend brunch
i love to serve
sweet eggs

very simple and darling on display
these eggs are filled with vanilla yogurt and lemon curd
sweet eggs
emptied and cleaned goose, duck or extra large chicken eggs
plain or vanilla yogurt
vanilla extract (if using plain yogurt)-optional
brown or granulated sugar (if using plain yogurt)-optional
your favorite lemon curd recipe
-martha has a nice one HERE

using an egg topper such as this one
is by far the easiest way to get those perfect edges.  
-while the eggs are uncooked, take the top off.  separate the whites and the yolks as you empty the shell. use the yolks for your curd, the whites for another delicious recipe.
-you must be gentle when washing the shells, but you must be very thorough in the washing.  there may be a layer of membrane attached to the interior of the shell.  make sure you get that completely out.  it comes out easier when you run water through it.  once the membrane is cleared, use a good soap and hot water to get it completely cleaned out. let them air dry with good air-flow.
-you can either set the eggs in egg cups, or use the top inverted and glued to the bottom of the egg to create a stand.  you may also just want to place in a small bowl, or in a large bowl on top of artificial grass (or if you have access, hay or straw)

if you are using plain yogurt and wish to sweeten it up a bit (i recommend doing so, particularly if you have a nice tart lemon curd), add just a touch of sweetness with your sweetener of choice.  i like brown sugar because it takes very little and adds a bit of a caramel flavor to the yogurt.  start with 1 tsp per 2 cups and add more to taste. the same with the vanilla.

make the lemon curd as directed and let cool completely

to the yogurt and lemon curd in separate decorating bags (alternatively you can use a small spoon).  layer directly into the shell starting with the yogurt.  fill the shell approximately 1/3 full with the yogurt. add a thin (max 1/4") layer of lemon curd. add more yogurt to almost reach the top of the shell, and top with more curd, placed to resemble an egg yolk. 
serve with demi-tasse spoons.

you may also add gingersnap crumbles or graham cracker crumbles to the bottom for additional flavor and a bit of crunch.  serving with a bit of granola is a nice compliment.  for something really fun,  fashion sugar cookies into "toast soldiers" and pop them right in to look like a soft boiled egg and toast.

while the eggs can be washed and prepped in advance, and the yogurt and curd can be made ahead as well, i do not recommend assembling until just prior to serving

*i do not recommend reusing the egg shells


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