Thursday, January 14, 2010

whipped again

nothing shows that you are

better than
meringue hearts
easy  to make
but not easily forgotten
whip some up 
will be ever so pleased
(for the meringue recipe click here)

this is how i plan to deliver 
to my 
please don't freak out. 
this is very old, from england
in the victorian style of taxidermy

and while a bit
reminds me of
my childhood collection
beatrix potter books and figurines

which have found a new home
in my memories

here is a pic of how I managed to make all my hearts uniform
I used a heart cookie cutter, and traced onto a piece of kitchen parchment. I then turned it to the reverse, and spread (although you can pipe) the meringue to the reaches of my outline
I then sprinkled with colored sugar in the colors of february


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