Wednesday, January 27, 2010

ah shucks....a remembered joy

hubster was doing a bit of a mid-winter spruce up today
clearing the bookshelf
making room for the bundles of pages
we seem to collect throughout the year
when tackling the top shelf
he came across

do you know what geo-caching is?
it is a lot of fun
go check it out here
 when my husband and I first started dating
we found this activity
and really enjoyed it
since we lived in different cities
it became a great way
to explore the towns we loved
one day
on a family vacation in santa barbara
we went geocaching
to this beautiful and sacred spot
in the hills of montecito
a benadictine monastery

and while i was distracted
which i easily am
he planted that green box
for me to find
sweet right?
except it gets better
because I found the box
tucked away behind a rock
and when I opened it
this is what I found

do you know....
it took me a few minutes to even realize what it said
and then i looked up
and he was on bended knee
and i cried
and then i laughed
and then i cried again
and then i realized that there was a ring
tucked in there
and then i cried some more
i remember it like it was yesterday
and i wish that beautiful place still stood
 (sadly it was destroyed in the wildfire of 2008)
so i could revisit
and remember the joy
but i can't
the box has become the
treasure and the treasured memory
all in one
my hubster is pretty special
don't you think?
sorry there is not a recipe attached to this post
have some champagne
that's what we did


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