Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bee-ing Green

i hope i don't sound like a braggart
when i say
i have knowledge of a lot of things
need a business plan?
i can set you on the right path
i can make you a good meal out of whatever you have in your pantry
toilet leaking?
not a problem
need a gift, dress, ride?
i'm your gal
but when it comes to beekeeping
i am completely green
a rube
bush league
(insert your best out of my league insult here)
and now
after two years of talking about it
dreaming about it
pestering about it
we are going for it
hubster and i have decided
that this year is the year

the year we start our hive
if you may remember
this summer past,
we stalked a local beekeeper
and have been doing some reconnaissance
and finally are ready
to have our own hive
so today
i ordered our bees
3 lbs of bees and a queen
of the finest bees money can buy
mite resistant
very prolific
and all ours
i will name each and every one of them
except for the queen
she will be
because i like the sound of
shirley and the boys
shirley and the boys are fighting
shirley and the boys are busy
shirley and the boys.....
yes...i know all about the workers
and they are female
but i use boys like the italians do
when the male and female are mixed together
it is proper to use the male plural
for simplicity
so there
my bees will know nothing about
and i'm okay with that


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