Thursday, January 21, 2010

A is for Asparagus

i've joined a group
and we are learning the alphabet
on thursdays
its a remedial round-up
and each thursday i will be challenged to come up with a recipe
for the letter of the day

today was the first day
and the letter is A
and it took me some time to get with the program
so i am a bit late
but like epstein
i have a note
dear jenny
christy didn't meet the deadline
she lives in southern california
and building the arc took longer 
than anticipated
but although 
A is for Arc
thats not her topic
please excuse her tardiness
christy's mother
(if you are too old or too young to get the epstein reference, i am sorry that you missed out on that very important time in our cultural history)
today i made a lunch that started out light
until i guilded it
to an obscene caloric giant
which i am so very good at

Asparagus with Poached Egg and Hollandaise
1 bunch steamed asparagus
1 recipe hollandaise sauce
1 poached egg
parmesan cheese
black pepper
Layer and serve


  1. This looks delicious - I love caloric giants lol. Loved the Epstein reference! And you do know what a cubit is, right? Have a great (and I hope dry) weekend. Kathy

  2. Love asparagus! Love Epstein reference!

  3. Yummy! Asparagus is part of my Alphabe-Thursday post, too :) .

  4. too young for the reference but i like the asparagus :D

  5. Holy yummy. That looks delicious! I have three spears of asparagus in the bed right now but I can't get to it! We were actually under tornado warning last night in Phoenix. Crazy! The first two weeks are freebies and won't count in the big giveaway at the end so you better save that note for another letter ! Thanks for playing! A+ for you!

  6. How fun! I'd love to cook through the alphabet.

  7. I live in the San Francisco area and I love artichokes and asparagus...both of which are easily obtained here. Lucky us!!!

    Great post.

  8. Oh yum. We grow asparagus and I think I will need to try this when it pops up this spring. Thanks for the recipe.

  9. Delicious looking dish of asparagus! I'll have to try this.

  10. That looks so delicious! My mouth is twitching. I think I can even smell the cheese.
    I know I can feel the steam rising! LOL Sorry, no one else likes asparagus in my family so it doesn't get fixed here. I was just having a dream. Can't wait to see what you have for next Thursday.

  11. Oh how fun a recipe each week for the letter...I like it! Everyone's posts are so different it is really going to be fun. Glad you were excused for being late. Oh and I'm old enough to get the Epstein reference.

  12. Totally get the reference ... love the lunch ... i must try that real soon!

  13. oh yummmmmmmm, of course you have to dress it up...though I like naked asparagus too! I am in Jennys Alphabe' too....come visit if you get a chance.....

  14. Hey there! I discovered your blog for the first time this morning - yummy treats. Lucky for me, I have all the ingredients for the Ribollita on hand - will be fabulous on a cold winter day. I'm a former So Cal gal - I miss your winter temps :-)

  15. Mmmm I love asaparagus! Happy SITS Saturday sharefest!

  16. Stopping by from SITS to wish you a happy SITS sharefest!! Hope you're having an amazing Saturday!!

  17. oh that alphabet thing looks SO FUN!!!!
    and of course the asparagas looks fab.

  18. Here I am late to the first Alphabe-Thursday class. Please don't tell Mrs. Matlock.
    Your asparagus looks yummy! Hope your daughter doesn't have to use that ark. See you later this week for class.


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