Sunday, January 10, 2010

appetizer angst

it is no secret that i absolutely love ina garten
i have blogged about my obsession before
and told anyone who will listen
how i wish to be her friend
and have contemplated taking up bridge just to increase my chances
for a dinner invitation

while i have never actually owned one of her cookbooks
made any of her recipes
i am in awe of her style
particularly her entertaining style
i could never only serve a hearty salad and crusty bread for dinner
with a dessert of chocolate bark
i'm not the sort
but i envy it in her
and every time i have guests for dinner
i try and imitate her unapologetic rule
only making 2 items for dinner and then buying the extras
but i never get there
i'm just not the sort
last evening we had guests for dinner
2 couples we have come to know over the years and have become good friends with
and i made a dinner of homemade pasta, chicken saltimboca, 4 veg and dessert
I thought maybe I shouldn't serve appetizers
Ina wouldn't
she would serve nuts or something
so that is where i stood
until about five o'clock
when i began to panic
i couldn't give it up
i had to have some sort of nibble for my guests
and i wanted it to be really simple
to go with my very french aperitif
i turned to what i had on hand
and made this a simple yet absolutely delicious
start to our evening
Walnut Stuffed Figs
dried figs
toasted walnuts
mascarpone cheese
finely diced bits of well-cooked bacon
stem and split the figs, stuff with toasted walnuts, top with a small dot of mascarpone, and then sprinkle the bits of bacon on top.  These are also lovely with a bit of blue cheese in place of the mascarpone.


  1. blink.

    you had all this tuff ON HAND!??
    Girl, you're more Ina than Ina!

  2. They're adorable - I'm sure your guests appreciated the extra effort.

  3. Ina would have enjoyed herself at your dinner.

  4. THat is so me! LOL
    I am sure that your guests enjoyed them completely. As a matter of fact, I would be your dinner guest any day if you will cook like that for me. :)

  5. YUM! You are the Prepared Contessa to have those ingredients on hand!

  6. I know what you're saying. I always wonder about that, too, on her show. I think Ina would have loved to eat at your house!

  7. whoa.. that looks delicious:) Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  8. Stopping by from SITS! They are mouth watering!

  9. Stopping by from SITS.. wow.. and YUM! Those figs... yum.

  10. omg you just made my mouth water!thanks for sharing!
    stopping by from SITS

  11. Bacon, Figs, Mascarpone and Bacon? OMG! What an elegant and incredible recipe! You done Ina proud, my friend! Thank you so, so much for linking up this prizeworthy recipe to my blog hop. I'm so grateful to have such talented and generous bloggy friends! Have a wonderful holiday! Warmest wishes, Jenn


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