Sunday, January 17, 2010

cherry bomb

i have started an experiment
i am calling it cherry bomb
because it has cherries
and may not come to anything
but i hope it does
because I am already dreaming of
delicious elixirs
sweet possiblities
with this simple cocoction
i will put this in a cool dark place
for 4 weeks
finger's crossed!

Cherry Bomb
fill a jar with clean ripe cherries
drop in 3 or 4 cardamom pods
fill with everclear
cover and place in a cool dark place


  1. This may be a silly question, but what's Everclear?

  2. not silly at all...
    everclear is a pure grain alcohol...95% alcohol by volume (190 proof). It is a great base for making your own spirits...i believe it is made from corn. You shouldn't drink it on it's own because of the high content and should be consumed with extreme caution and in small amounts--
    if you don't have this or something similar at your disposal, I suggest using vodka in its place. It is a fine substitute.

  3. I don't like cherries, but that is a really cool picture. :)

  4. ok.. I know what Everclear and Cherries are... but I've never heard of cardamom pods.........
    but the jar looks pretty

    I imagine this will be a pretty interesting drink in a month

  5. What a cool experiment! Can't wait to see what happens.

    I am excited to see your conversation heart wreath. I bet it is just so cute!


  6. Oh, this sounds good. I think I'll use vodka, though. That's my fav drink. Thanks.

  7. Interesting experiment. I think they'll be really tasty!


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