Thursday, January 21, 2010

rainy day crafting {wreaths}

i have a compulsion
and it is making things
it could be food
it could be a craft
it could be trouble
i am sharing some of my rainy day projects 
during the holidays
made an adorable marshmallow and gumdrop wreath
which i shamelessly copied for a valentine wreath
substituting conversation hearts for the gumdrops
Marshmallow Wreath
Fabric Wreath
Embroidered Gift Bag
i used a piece of linen
from the remnants pile
i wanted it to look a bit
like it had been sitting in the bottom
of a civil war widow's hope chest
it is a gift
for a yet to be born
little wonder
named Ruby
it will hold baby essentials
and then it can be easily transformed
into a small pillow


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