Friday, December 3, 2010

because candy isn't just for eating

i'm anticipating
a parade of ants
i grabbed this idea for a gumdrop wreath from tatertots and jello 
this i came up with on my own
with a little help from the cheap candy aisle at the drug store

* these are really simple to do. all you need is a glue gun, a foam wreath and hands made of asbestos.  i think one made of lemon drops would be so adorable!
--the peppermint wreath is 12"  foam with a flat back.  it took approximately 2 1/2 bags (1lb 9oz each) of Bob's Sweet Stripes.  The back is not covered. 
**if you are having difficulty getting the mints to adhere to the foam, try wrapping the wreath in ribbon first, then glue the mints to the ribbon


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