Saturday, March 27, 2010

madeline cloak project

i am working on a few things for a school auction
it is that time of year!
in the past i have donated cooking classes and dinner parties
but frankly
i am so busy
coordinating schedules
has become tedious
so this year i switched it up a bit
and i am donating the fixins
for a 
madeline birthday party
i'm not going to lie
i was inspired by a kate landers party
that has been flying around the blogosphere
what i am doing 
is providing all the things a
very hip and classy parent
(wink, wink)
would want and need
for their small child's party
and one of those things
actually i made 8 of them
is a madeline cloak
(fully lined, mind you)

i am not a seamstress
so this has been a bit of a challenge
but i have to say
i am 
in love with them
so cute

can't you just imagine

eight little girls
in two straight lines

more to come, i am sure


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