Wednesday, March 17, 2010

livin' la vida lucky

i'm still debating the
luck of the irish
i'm awaiting a story which will lead me to believe
they are indeed a lucky group

you consider

the most beautiful landscapes
a brogue
mad limerick skills
colin farrell
smilin' eyes

do ya?
do ya now

in closing
here is a limerick i didn't write
but wish i did

Archimedes, the well known truth-seeker
Jumping out of his bath, cried "Eureka!"
He ran half a mile,
Wearing only a smile,
And became the very first streaker


  1. So funny! Love the St. Paddy's day post...there are alot of them today..I posted one myself..come on by and sneak a peak!

  2. Happy St Patricks Day Darl! Cook up anything special for today? I will blog later of pics of the feast i have been working on 2day! I have a side of silver side/corn beef cookin on the stove in oranges cloves bay leaves and golden syrup! I have fried cabbage bacon onions n garlic an a lil chilli powder! I have Buttermilk scones serving them with home made strawberry jam and freshly whipped cream :D i have a loaf of irish soda bread and savory scones! Cant wait to share these recipes with everyone :)


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