Wednesday, March 3, 2010

G is for Give-A-Way

oh so glad that g is here
i have something really special to give-a-way
children's books
that speak to any age
about finding your passion

these books are written by
my younger brother
(full disclosure)

they are fun and have amazing illustrations
and there is a toy too!
a little plush bug for your little one's backpack
or your backpack
i won't tell!
i have 2 sets to give away
and i will pick the winners on saturday
entries will be accepted until midnight (pst) friday march 5th, 2010
i will be using

here's how to enter:
1 entry if you leave a comment
1 additional entry if you are a follower (please specify in a separate comment)
1 more entry if you blog about the give-a-way (please specify in a separate comment with link)

Good Luck! 

I am participating in alphabe-thursday over at 
you should go check it out
and see what all the fun is about
this week
sponsored by the letter G


  1. I love this kind of thing. My daughter is a new reader and my son is well on his way so it's great. Plus the little toy is so cute for mommy, er, I mean the kids.

  2. I totally already follow you. I am so ahead of the game. :)

  3. I have bad luck when it comes to winning contests lol but this one is to good to pass up. We are a book family and LOVE to read.

  4. oh and you are being me :)

  5. Faith Larsen-RobertsMarch 4, 2010 at 10:08 AM

    We love books too! Especially if we know that they are from someone we kind-of know! What a neat idea.. I do enjoy your posts, but sometimes the recipes are too complicated for me! I need like 5 indgredients or less! ha. Thanks for all your interesting blogs.
    Slowly melting in Wisconsin! :) Faith

  6. What a neat post.I won't participate as I love in Europe and postage will be far too expensive.

  7. oh yes please! and about bugs too? yeah- perfect for a boy household.

  8. and of course i'm a faithful follower. ;)

  9. don't enter me in the giveaway, I just want to thank you for visiting my alphabe-thursday, thanks!

  10. I am a pre-k teacher and books are my addiction!! I think it is so cool that your brother is an author! I am now a follower!

  11. What a G reat and G enerous "G" Give-a-way post!

    I would love to hear the story of your brother and his tale from idea to published.

    But for now I will say A+ for this cute idea! Very clever of you!

  12. These books look like they are fun. Thanks for stopping by to visit. And thanks for putting my name in the hat.

  13. I was going to use G for giveaway but decided I could do a giveaway any week! Please enter me in your giveaway though! My little guy would love those books!

  14. Also I'm a follower so 2 entries for me!

  15. Great looking recipe for coconut shrimp in the previous post - tempting.
    I'll leave the give away (as sweet as it is!) for someone who has little cute!

  16. A Giveaway is perfect for Alphabe-Thursday. The looks looks super but please don't enter me in the giveaway, like Riet I'm too far away and I have no small people who would appreciate them.
    Thanks for stopping by in Normandy.

  17. I am a new follower...

    Thanks again..

    We love to read..

  18. Do you have a dachshund? I use to have one.. She passed away..

    Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day.. I really want to enter this giveaway. We love books in our house.. Thanks for letting me know about this.. Great "G" for sure..

    Have a great weekend.

  19. Very cool give-a-way and sweet of you to promote your brother!!

  20. Hi there :)
    sorry about the early revving up of those allergies!
    my beloved has that and i know it is bad...

    but this sweet giveaway and wow from your brother? how awesome is that?

  21. Great looking giveaway! Thanks for stopping by my G post too!!~

  22. What lovely looking books - I miss the days when my boys were young enough to read them!

  23. Those look so cute! Kudos to your brother :)

  24. This is a fun give away "G" post! I ahve a 15 month old grandson who loves books so I'd love to win!

  25. Thanks for stopping by hun and of course I want to enter..enter me

  26. I think I may have missed the drawing. I get all confused with this time zone thing. Anyway, I wanted to still say how wonderful that your brother has written these special books. And thank you for your Generosity.

  27. what a generous G post!!! how very thoughtful of you!

  28. aw man! I missed the giveaway!! Always a day late and a dollar short!

  29. Great looking books! Congratulations to your brother..


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