Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Chorizo Hash

i like my breakfast to taste like lunch
i think i might possibly have a slight potato addiction
when i think about hash
i get glassy-eyed
it is quite possibly
the perfect breakfast food
the best part is
it is so versatile
and yummy 
with any and all types of meat
and here's what else
it is a good hangover food
which i know
doesn't apply to you
or me
but you might know someone
 has maybe once or twice
Chorizo Hash
(printable recipe)
2 medium russet potatoes--small cube
3 links chorizo--chopped or crumbled
1/2 large onion--finely diced
3 scallions--chopped
1 tsp garlic powder
olive oil
salt and pepper
plop cubed potatoes into a bowl of cold water for at least 5 minutes.  Drain and thoroughly dry.  In a large skillet, brown the onion and chorizo.  Toss the potatoes in a bit of olive oil, then drop into the pan with the chorizo.  Saute until the potatoes are cooked through and begin to brown. Just as the potatoes are starting to brown, toss in the scallions, garlic powder and salt and pepper to taste.
Serve as a side dish or top with a fried egg (or even a chicken breast) for a complete meal.


  1. I prefer having breakfast for lunch but only because I think lunch trends to be heavier than breakfast

    anyway, the hash looks pretty tasty

  2. My hubby LOVES him some nummy hash! This sounds good and filling! How have u been anyway darl? Hope u had a good wkend!

  3. I have never had hash but now that you have posted the recipe, I just might have to make it for Sunday brunch or dinner.

    H meme

    oh gosh, here i am in a midnight carb craving! can any true southern muse pass up a serving of good old
    so many carbs (but i will do some extra exercise!) LOL

  5. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh my goodnessssss...just found you from SITS and I'm SOOOOO glad! This looks fabulous!! I'm so peeking around. I see Coconut Shrimp on here! LOL


  6. Thanks for your visit to my blog...I love your recipes! Come say hi any time :D

  7. I love the idea of hash, but I don't eat pork...It is a great picture!

  8. Yummy recipe! Potato addicts arise! Great H post.

  9. It's early here in the UK as I write this and I haven't had breakfast yet hmmmmm
    My H is a bit silly but I do hope you will have time to Visit Me

  10. YUM-O for that "H", I am hungry! Thanks for sharing the recipe, I will have to give it a try.

    Have a great "H" Thursday.

  11. Good Morning Christy,

    I lost my previous comment somewhere out there in the vast, I'll try again!

    YUM-O...that "H"ash looks delish! I will have to try the recipe. My family loves potatoes.

    Have a great "H" Thursday!

  12. I saw your post title in the McLinkey's and my first thoughts were that you had written about a different kind of hash. ;)

    The only excuse I can offer is that I'm not a foodie. But it looks darn yummy!

  13. Oh, I'm always having something savory for breakfast. Glad to run across another kindred spirit and potato addict!

  14. I too love hash, but have it rarely...ate it more as a kid in scouts. Be here now...there IS something to it I think...Peace and blessings form Tennesseemudbug

  15. So win the "h" I LOVE hash!!

  16. I love potatoes. I could probably live on them. Looks yummy.

  17. Delicious post, now I'm hungry!

  18. Looks divine and I happen to love Chorizo!

  19. Yum!!! Looks and sounds great!

    You just reminded my stomach that it's time for lunch!

  20. Oh my...Hash! Harbinger of lovely memories from my father cooking dinner...crispy on the edges...salty...yum!

    A+ for this post. I wish I had a humungous plate of hash right now!

  21. i love hashbrowns too - yummmmmm :D

  22. Ohhhhhhh, that sounds most delish! I love potatoes with breakfast too...and a side of sour cream!

  23. Hash rocks! Chorizo rocks! Put the two together and it's a party in your mouth!

  24. My Great Dane LOVES hash! I'll have to try your recipe!

  25. oh, I am Hungry right now...this looks so good......

  26. I love hash and this recipe looks delish!!

  27. I hate reading these yummy posts when I am starving and too lazy too get up and find something to eat....all I want is this recipe to appear on a plate in front of me right NOW!

  28. This sounds delicious! I love hash, I'm the only person in the house who does so I generally only eat it when we are out. Which is probably why I love diners :) Kathy

  29. I'm quite sure I'm making this for dinner sometime next week! It looks wonderful =D


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