Wednesday, March 24, 2010

j is for jiffy pop

who can forget
those nights when mom and dad 
left a babysitter in charge
which meant 
hours of
 prank calls
(do you have prince albert in a can?)
ding dong ditch
and then finally
settling in to 
The Magical World of Disney
with some freshly popped
jiffy pop
shaking back and forth
on the electric coil
until the foil hat was so full
it just might have exploded right then and there
the memories i have 
are so vivid
although the popcorn wasn't
it has come to symbolize
the joy
and simplicity
of my childhood

I am participating in alphabe-thursday over at 
you should go check it out
and see what all the fun is about
this week
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  1. I'm sitting here trying to figure out which of my siblings you really are because it's obvious you were brought up in my house.....hmmm.....

    Remember "Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom"? How about "Ed Sullivan?"

  2. A very nice memory! I guess you can't really make prank calls anymore, not with caller ID!

  3. What a great J word. I had forgotten all about jiffy pop. Who would have known all these years later you could just pop in the microwave but it's not nearly as much fun ;-)

  4. Oooh I remember Jiffy Pop! It was so exciting to watch as the kernels began to pop and the foil started to expand! Not quite the same anymore, is it?

  5. We used to cook it over the stove and on campouts and I just love how the expanded foil looks like a chef's hat. Joni

  6. I love the jifster! My husband bought me the whirly pop for Mothers day last year...sound like a corny gift...I love it because it reminds of jiffy pop! You should get one you would love it!

  7. Have never heard of a jiffy pot before, we didn't have these in the UK when I was growing up but they look like a lot of fun, especially when the parents are out of the house.
    Great J post!

  8. I remember Jeffy Pop and that I would always burn it when I made it. You can still find it in odd places. We have bought when camping to make over the campfire. It also burns there!

  9. Oh what wonderful memories this post brought back! I loved Jiffy Pop, it seemed such a treat. And prank calls, so harmless, but today can you imagine what would happen? Thanks for the smile! Kathy

  10. I remember Jiffy Pop ... that was fun... and much better than microwave popcorn!

  11. I do remember having Jiffy Pop while watching Wild Kingdom!

    It would be fun to get it again and try it...

    Thanks for a nostalgic trip down memory lane on J day!


  12. Oh my gosh...I totally remember those nights, back in the 80's, especially the prank calls, we called them crank calls! So fun! Hi from SITS! I am a new follower!

  13. Oh, the Magical World of Disney. What memories. I loved JiffyPop and am still tempted by it when I see it in the store! It makes me think of camping too.

  14. I remember Jiffy Pop, so much fun! I used to get all excited when the top started to swell ... great memories!

  15. Are we related? Oh how I miss those joyful simple days. And Jiffy pop!!!!!!

  16. I remember Jiffy Pop! Great post! Stopping by from SITS!

  17. Yes, I do remember Jiffy Pop. We've been making popcorn the old fashioned way on the stove top. Think I need to go fix some. LOL

  18. Ummmmmm, was I your babysitter?

  19. I've never seen popcorn cooked that way - what fun! :)

  20. "Little House on The Prairie" and jiffy pop.......oh the memories! Laura Ingalls was a knockout!

  21. amanda...if you babysat a family who had a boy that thought it was fun to lock himself up in handcuffs that he didn't have the key for, repeatidly...then were my babysitter!

  22. I enjoyed reading your post.

  23. For us it was Thursday nights, and our aunt Sharon. We'd watch the original Start Trek. My mom, ever thrifty, wouldn't buy actual jiffy pop, we made our popcorn in a pan, but one glorious time Sharon brought jiffy pop. Oh, heaven! Thanks for the memories.


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