Thursday, December 31, 2009

my year in review...

everyone likes a productive year
a year they can point to and say
now that was a good year
as i get older
a good year is one i can remember
a great year
is one i can remember fondly
2009 was a challenge for people i care about
one that i don't vote to repeat
but if i go with my own criteria
i have to say it was a great year
because there were many fond moments
and my heart still beats
and i have a happy marriage
and a healthy family
and more blessings than i can count

*this year past*
i had a wonderful birthday lunch with friends
bought a charming cabin in the mountains
here, here and here
went on an amazing and unforgettable road trip from california to south dakota (i love you south dakota!)
laid to rest to my lovely and dear father-in-law
hung out at lake coeur d'alene
was reminded how great julia child is/was/is
gave a year of service to my alma mater
and lots time to charities
took the culinary trip of a lifetime to italy-- grazie mamma!
here, here, here and here
butchered 2 deer, yes two
hosted a rockin' thanksgiving
here and here
found lots of new blogs to love
because of here
had some laughs
had some cries
had some flashes of brillance
and some forgettable ones
i won some
i lost some
 i misplaced some
despite or because of it all
i look forward
to doing all again next year



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