Wednesday, November 25, 2009

we just might make it...

Thanksgiving is tomorrow
and we have been working diligently on getting the cabin in working condition
and I didn't think we would be ready (click me)
but as I sit here with my cold cup of tea (brewed at 8am and I am just getting to it now)
and a lunch of peanut butter and crackers
and look around the place
i think
we just might make it

our first guest arrives at 3
all the guest rooms are ready
the bathrooms are clean and functioning
the fire is lit
the pies are baked
champagne is chilling
and all that is left to do is dust a bit and move the tools to the basement
and maybe a nap
but probably not
that would be pushing it
..i actually have a tear in my eye as i write this
i can't believe
mike and i
with our two hands
have turned this place from a big mess
into a home

...that needs work

Happy Thanksgiving!

1 comment:

  1. Happy Thanksgiving! Stopping by from SITS and ohmygosh, you almost made ME cry!!!
    Your hard work and dedication from just 13days ago? Really PAID off. I hope your special day is blessed beyond measure. It warmed my heart reading this post.


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