Tuesday, December 6, 2011

gingerbread side-cars

i have made
gingerbread villages
for as long as i can remember

last year
i spotted
little gingerbread houses perched on a mug
(as far as i can tell--this is her original idea)

giddy and obsessed
as i have been known to get
i went to hubster
 he agreed to
make cookie cutters
(so i wouldn't have to knife cut each piece)
blowtorch in one hand
pliers in the other
he made these
in turn
made these
use your favorite gingerbread cookie recipe
bake as directed
assemble and decorate
i plane the sides with a microplane to ensure straight edges
 these attach quite easily with
(make it nice and stiff)

the wreaths are also made from royal icing colored green
piped with a no.63 tip onto parchment paper
sprinkles for berries

allow to dry overnight--remove carefully--attach with royal icing

i am using them this year
as place cards
piping names on the broad side of the house
packaging them
like so
as gifts for friends
(you can get a template for the house from the not martha link above)


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