Sunday, May 1, 2011

blood orange arancello

you'd think
that living in
near terminal sunshine
air naturally scented in citrus
would lead a gal
evenings on the porch stoop
knees touching elbows
slowly peeling an orange
wistfully remembering

i'm no rube
a blood orange tree
weeping under the weight of its fruit
is meant to be

which among other things
more lustful

made with blood oranges 
(can be made with any type of orange)
4-5 blood oranges--washed and dried
3-4 cardamom pods--crushed (optional)
4 cups grain alcohol (everclear) or vodka
3 cups water
3 cups sugar
1/2 cup blood orange juice-strained
3 Tbs honey
remove the peel from the oranges using a vegetable peeler. be careful to avoid any white pith.  place in a sterilized glass jar or crock.  add the cardamom pods, if using.  pour in the alcohol and cover tightly.

place in a cool dark cupboard for a minimum of 2 weeks and as long as a couple of months

juice the oranges and reserve 1/2 cup in a freezer safe container. freeze for use in the next step of the process.
after 2 weeks or longer, your mixture should look like this
strain to remove the peels and the cardamom seeds
pour liquid into a larger jar
stir together 3 cups of water, 3 cups of sugar, defrosted 1/2 cup orange juice and honey into a saucepan. heat over medium heat, stirring periodically, until the sugars are dissolved and liquid is clear. allow to cool then pour into the strained alcohol.  taste to make sure it is as sweet as you like. if you like a bit more sweetness, make a mixture of equal parts sugar and water and add until you get your desired taste.  cover jar and place in the cool dark cupboard for another 7-10 days.
you may also bottle it at this time and allow the bottles to sit for 7-10 days before using.  this is not can drink it now, it just gets better with age.  after the waiting period, store in the refrigerator or freezer and serve cold.

you may have seen this previously on 504Main--she featured my recipe in the month of April


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