Wednesday, May 5, 2010

P is for Pie

my best friend
from childhood
loved apple pie so much
that it was her birthday "cake" 
every year
i was always disappointed
i didn't quite get the concept
that it wasn't about me

it sorta turned me off to pie 
until college
when i found myself in a restaurant
pioneer pies
and i thought
if anyone has good pie
it has got to be this place

i was wrong

but it spurred an interest

and now

i always have time for pie
I am participating in alphabe-thursday
over at

you should go check it out
and see what all the fun is about
this week
sponsored by the letter P


  1. My oldest daughter loves pie, sings songs about pies but has never asked for pie for her birthday (yet)

  2. Pretty pies! I have a daughter who manages a Marie Callender store! I shoulda took pics of all their pies! LOL! This is peachy! Thanks for sharing! Great P post! Anne

  3. Nice "P" post about pies. I like apple, cherry, blueberry, and strawberry pies but not the cream pies! I guess I just have a "fruity" brain!

  4. I love pie! Fruity pie of any sort... Blackberry, blueberry, apple, strawberry, lemon, pumpkin, even mincemeat and pecan. But no cream pies or chocolate pies. Blech!! My sister is a great piecrust maker, but I admit that I am not so great. I need to work on that.
    One of my friends from college had wedding pies made by all the ladies at her church, rather than a wedding cake and I LOVE that idea!

  5. I do love pies of every kind - key lime, derby, lemon meringue, rhubarb. Ummmm, wish I could find a slice right now!

  6. I was hoping someone would do pie. My favorite dessert. But I'm not picky, I love them ALL. Fruit, cheese, cream, nuts, meringue. That last shot is making me drool :) Kathy

  7. Great P post, I love pie! Funny how one place changed your mind.

  8. I lovvvvve pie! My sister is a pie maven. I have also asked for apple pie for my birthday...but not as a kid...I would never have thought of it! Drat!

  9. Apple pies are my favorites. Although I had a piece of French Silk Pie over the weekend and it was yummy!!!

  10. Mmmmm pie! Especially Rhubarb Strawberry pie with vanilla ice cream. I love pie!
    My 83 year old Mum takes part in a silent auction at her church every year. She donates a day of pie making, and believe me, this is a popular item!

  11. I love all kind of pies and I am really proud of my flaky pie crust! It is a Martha recipe and uses lots of very cold butter but I think it makes the pie!

  12. Oh, how I used to love pie. My favorite was gooseberry with vanilla sauce. Gooseberries are very popular in Sweden, and we had many bushes so our pies were made with our own berries! Now, with raging hypoglycemia, I don't get pie. Sniff.

  13. Oh that Pie post is wonderful. It makes me hungry tho. It looks so yummy

  14. I'm not much a pie person either, but sometimes a nice piece, warm from the oven is just heaven...

  15. i'm not a pie eater either but those pics are divine :D

  16. Another post I should not have read! Hunger pains here in the UK!

  17. not a fan of apple pies but I do like sweet-potato pie

    thanks for your visit to my alphabe-thursday

  18. I absolutely love pie. Imagine my surprise when my Principal made an announcement that there was a pie in the lounge. I don't consider pizza a pie....I had visions of blueberry or chocolate or something like your picture at the top...sigh

    Great post for alphabet Thursday!!!

  19. I am an equal opportunity pie eater. I'll try anything. Every pie gets a chance with me! ;-) mmm you've made me hungry and it's my bedtime...darn it!

  20. I love Jen B's comment.

    What a profoundly precious post about pies!

    I, too, adore pies...including meat pies...especially cheeseburger pie and sour cherry pie.

    Although you have made me hungry (and not for a weight watchers ice cream bar!) I really enjoyed this delicious stop on my little journey through Alphabe-Thursday's Letter "P"!


  21. Oh, I was one of those birthday pie kids! Once I realized I didn't have to have cake, that pie was okay, I asked for it every year. The rustic pie is beautiful!

  22. black raspberry is my absolute favorite! Then apple crumb. Not a big fan of the crust but oh the yumminess of the filling! I need to go bake a pie!

  23. I believe I can eat any pie. Thanks for coming by and the sweet comment.

  24. my dad makes the best pies ... i just adore his pies ... he makes a "junk pie" which is usually all of the fruit left in the fridge ... it's different each time but it is always good!

  25. My mom always had cherry pie for her birthday growing up...I love cream pies! And cherry pie filling..........

  26. Fun remembrance and I love pie... brown sugar, pumpkin, key lime, chocolate... do crisps count too (like apple with vanilla ice cream)? It's always a pleasure to stop by here.

  27. oh man, pie is the best. I can eat pumpkin pie every day.

  28. I LOVE pie, and ask for it on my birthday's too :) Yours looks wonderful.

  29. Thanks for your funny comment on my blog! I'm happy to see we both have a sweet tooth. I love your recipes: simple but delicious. Thanks for sharing!



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