Sunday, May 30, 2010

hear the buzz....

no recipe
just a little update 
on our bees
that are reproducing
at the rate of about 1000
a day
pretty cool


  1. You are a proud mama!

  2. This totally takes me back we had bees growing up and loved it

  3. I am so impressed! We started 2 hives at our farm property last spring, took such good care of them, feed them sugar water all winter and when we went to check on them in March, they had all disappeared!! I was devestated! I am going to start again next spring, I had knee replacment surgery so I can't do it this spring. We are going to have the hives in our backyard so I can keep a closer eye on them!!

  4. mrs c. i can imagine how disappointing that would have been. we keep our finger's crossed every day that the bees are happy here!


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