Thursday, March 17, 2011

not so silently baking for japan

i am participating
for japan with love
no witty blog post
no sassy tweets
no self-promoting stumbling
just my toque in hand

i am joining a group of bloggers
who are united today
in an attempt to raise money
donate what you can
help get the word out

for my part
i will send
 to those of you who donate
$25 or more
this offer is no longer valid
a dozen freshly baked and oh so good
double chocolate brownies
quite possibly
the best you ever tasted
(just ask my mom)
*this is limited to the first 200 who donate a minimum of $25 through the above link, and send their donation details to me beginning March 17, 2011 12pm (pst) and no later than 8pm(pst) March 20, 2011
(open to US residents only please)

send a copy of your donation receipt from FirstGiving
be sure to include a mailing address
fudgerippleblog (at) gmail (dot) com
and i will speed them on their way
please specify
with or without walnuts
--if you are allergic to nuts, please know--i do not use separate equipment--
this offer is no longer valid


  1. I don't see any link above for where to donate?

  2. What a beautiful idea. Kudos to all of you.

  3. Japan is definitely in my thoughts and prayers. It's such a great thing you're doing here. Enjoy your weekend Christy!

  4. Inspired by you, I made a donation to Shelter Box - thank you for sharing this worthy cause.

  5. Did you get 200 people already? That would be amazing! I thank you so much for your package and the family loved them. I would have donated without the incentive but I appreciate it. Thank you!! :-)


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