Friday, October 22, 2010

a bit o' crafting

i do love to craft
but to be honest 
i am usually behind the magic 8 ball
furiously finishing things
at the last moment

i am envious of those
that are organized enough
to have halloween mastered
well before the 31st

mantles decorated
matching wreaths on every door
personalized with "this year's theme"
 halloween costumes finished
which, by the way
have been hand sewn and hanging in the costume closet
for weeks
treat bags
made of homemade paper and hand folded
into perfect packets
by the hundreds
awaiting little ghouls and goblins
who will be treated to a full haunted house
and a framed picture of themselves screaming
at the scary bits
upon exiting

i wish i were describing myself
but i am not
mind you
i do my fair share of  marthanizing
i'm more of the
its due tomorrow kind of girl
which is why
it is so surprising
that i have actually
put together a halloween-scape
that has been gracing our mantle
for almost 3 weeks now
and will probably be there
until new years
i just don't have it in me
to swap it out
in time for thanksgiving
i would be remiss
if i didn't mention
joni over at red couch recipes
she has been posting halloween goodness all month long
and has inspired me to get off my duff
and make some stuff
the candy corn topiaries
that are to die for

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