Monday, February 22, 2010

Tuesday Night Supper Club--Making Reservations

it's my birthday
i am in hawaii
the only cooking I will be doing
cooking up falsehoods
about my age

we are eating out tonight
at a restaurant whose owner
grows all the produce on his 8 acre upcountry farm
and serves fish caught fresh daily

my expectations are endless

instead of a recipe
i thought i would leave you with this excerpt
from a book called A Meal Observed
by Andrew Todhunter
this is a quote from Philippe Legendre
previously the chef at Taillevent (3 michelin stars)

"People who have no love to share eat poorly, and they don't cook. If you love cooking, you will cook, at whatever level.  People who like to be around a table, who like to share--they'll try to cook, even if it's only an egg.  I would much prefer to eat an egg with friends than caviar with strangers.  That's important."
and a photo
of a sight
Tuesday Night Supper Club will resume next week
when I am no longer on vacation
and it's not my birthday
in the meanwhile


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