Friday, November 13, 2009

When Ready is Relative...

For those of you who aren't panicking, like me...
...Thanksgiving is 13 days away...THIRTEEN DAYS!!!
okay, that is almost 2 weeks...
But we are hosting
In our mountain cabin

that is under construction
and not, oh its a bit untidy because we are under construction
oh...don't mind the hole in the wall because we bought this fixer-upper that was empty for 3 years-except for the family of mice we found in the wall, and the ground squirrels that seem to have made a home in the loft, and the arachnid-land we have set up in the sun room.  And I call it the sun room because that is a nice way of saying, the room with the rotting walls that lets the sun in.
Oh...and can you pee before you come?
I thought it would be nice to have a holiday in the cool mountain air, just like John Denver.
So I put it out there, like 3 months ago.
Hey...we would like to host Thanksgiving if anyone is interested.
 And I figured we would have 3 months to get the place in tip top shape.

But then there was the end of summer traveling.  And then the October traveling...and then Halloween. And here we are 13 days before the big day and I am sorta thinking, we might not be ready.

I have always done my best work at the last minute.  I work well under pressure.  Which is great. But this isn't a term paper...this is Thanksgiving!  Who wants to be the one who threw the Thanksgiving that people whisper about?
Not me.
Here's the good news.
 I have the menu figured out and everyone has an assignment.
I ordered the fresh turkeys which will be ready for pick-up and the deep fryer on T-Day

Today we purchased a second fridge and an awesome smoker-slash-Q.
Not on the critical list...
...but more fun than pulling up carpet.

Here's what I haven't done:
is that even grammatically correct?
I want to make this announcement....Mike and I are committed to being ready
But ready is relative.
The house will not be dirty, but it might not be tidy.
There will be a place for everyone at the table
The food will be delicious and plentiful
Laughter will float to the rafters
There WILL BE football
...and pie


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