Monday, June 18, 2012

cherry marzipan ice cream

in an early morning whim
i dragged hubster
to a far-off orchard
to pick
 a bushel of cherries

as we stood in the shade of a  tree
him reaching to higher branches
for the low hanging fruit

cherry stained and gleeful
i half whispered
"isn't this just so much fun"
which hubster responded
as he bent a branch to my reach
this is torture
but i am happy
you are enjoying it"

this ice cream
a love letter
filled with 
sweetness of ripe fruit
rich-depth of ground almonds
 deep warmth of a stiff drink
from me
to him

i must tell you this is not a difficult recipe, but it is complicated
taking many steps and some time
if you are an ice cream person
a special occasion on the horizon
you should make this
it is seriously good
 cherry marzipan ice cream

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