Friday, June 29, 2012

boozy kumquat marmalade

it is 
a thousand degrees
in my kitchen
so warm
i keep the lights off
somehow believing
not. really. working

hubster and i
did a drive by pick off
you see
the day before
we were at my brother's new home
and i noticed
a line of
kumquat trees
my brother
didn't know what they were
so i figured
he wouldn't mind
if i took 
a handful or 10

while he was at work
we helped ourselves

i didn't feel much like
hovering over the hob

which led to
a small batch

3 jars of jam
one for us
one for him
one for pouring over vanilla ice cream
no canning required

with a sweet as honey peel
puckering sour flesh
kumquats make a perfect marmalade
add a splash of booze
it becomes an adult only
morning treat
boozy kumquat marmalade
3 cups finely slice kumquats (pits removed)
1 cup granulated sugar
1 generous shot tequila
pinch of kosher salt

place all ingredients in a glass or ceramic bowl and let steep for about an hour.  dump into a heavy-bottom pot and cook over medium heat. let simmer until it becomes jammy..about 20 minutes. stir occasionally and watch it closely. you do not want it to become like sticky candy.  pour into sterilized jam jars and allow to come to room temperature.  store in the refrigerator.  


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