Saturday, April 9, 2011

spring freeze

i have a really 
positive and beautiful post
to share
very soon
one that celebrates
my and hubsters
love affair
with our cabin

i will share
all that goes with
restoring a once cherished home 
of a disco era character actress
 avid rare rose collector
because of
years of neglect and abandonment
is now a bit sagging
under our charge
it is making a comeback
barely standing
a sturdy home

we live in southern california
where winter is a whisper
and flowers can be in bloom year 'round
except in the mountains

in the mountains
winter is a fickle mistress
warm and lingering one minute
bitter hovering cold the next

last year
completely unprepared for frost
rather than morning dew
on mother's day
we found ourselves

eight beautiful trees
in mid-bloom
all rendered barren
at the wispy whim of mother nature
our carefully planted
vegetable garden 
turned to compost

that we live in modern times
and that all did not have to be lost
we replanted the garden
even with a short summer
were able to both
enjoy the bounty it sprung
 provide forage space
for our bees

which brings me to today
once again
we find ourselves
thinking about the weather
huddling at the hardware store
debating with the town folk
each of us sharing an opinion of
how cold will it get
how long will it sit
40 we have hope
30 it can be hit or miss
17 it is a matter of how much will be lost
not if

here's the deal
i don't care
that i can go to a grocery store and find
5 varieties of pear
peaches as sweet as sugar 
cherries with a flush to rival crimson of anger
the point is
we have trees
trees that have potential
potential that is being shattered
and i won't have that
neither will hubster

we are fighting fire with fire
scrappy and sure
armed with
christmas lights
garbage cans
plastic bags
contact paper

giving it the good fight
come summer
we have plans

plans like
pear brandy
plum jam cake
cherry pie
peach cobbler
just for starters

plans that won't be thwarted
even if it means
standing in freezing wind
stringing twinkle lights
four months after christmas


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