Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"snow eggs"

my mom was an
eat a piece of fruit if your hungry
kind of mom
cakes, cookies and pastries
were for special occasions

after dinner
a bowl of fruit
platter of nuts
and maybe
a hunk of cheese
would be placed in the middle of the table
we would
solve the world's problems
while the coffee brewed

if i wanted
a store bought
cream filled delight
i had to eat at a friend's house

i have still never tasted
an actual hostess snowball
but i get the gist

when i found this fabulous
vintage cake pan
at a local shop
i couldn't wait to make cakes

with creamy filling
robed in sticky marshmallow
covered with

cakes. like. these.

marshmallow cakes
makes approximately 18
1 batch devil's food cake (recipe here)
1 batch cream filling (recipe here)
1 batch marshmallow topping (recipe here)
colored coconut
butter, or spray cake pan and dust with cocoa powder.  fill to 3/4 full and bake in 350 oven until tester comes out clean
let cool completely before filling
meanwhile, make cream filling
using a pastry bag with a "fill" tip
squeeze about 2 Tbs of cream into the center of the cake through the large end of the egg
 to make your colored coconut
simply take about a cup of sweetened flake coconut and place it in a ziploc bag.  drop in 2-3 drops of food color and close the bag. massage with your hands until all coconut has a bit of color in it. set aside until you are ready to use.
do not make your marshmallow until you are ready for it. marshmallow sets up quite fast, if possible get someone to help you, this will help it go both smoothly and quickly.
when you are ready, arrange your filled cakes on parchment paper in groupings of what color you will be topping them with
make your marshmallow topping.
while the marshmallow topping is still slightly warm, but is perfectly fluffed, stop whipping.  immediately begin topping your marshmallows, simply by pouring a bit of marshmallow on top.
 if you are doing this alone, stop after every two or three and generously sprinkle the coconut on top and sides. if you have a helper, allow them to immediately follow you with the coconut.  your marshmallow will set up within 5 or so minutes.
don't panic, just be aware.

i think these would be just darling wrapped and hidden in the garden
for a truly joyous
easter egg hunt



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