Sunday, November 21, 2010


i have decided that dropping pies on the
 abandoned and soiled (dinner) table-tops
isn't going to cut it this year
i am having a 
sweets table
which means
i can't just serve pie
and there has to be a variety of tastes
creamy, crunchy, chewy, citrus, chocolate
warm, cold
and visual intrigue

feeding 20 people 
isn't stressful enough
as it stands now
my sweets menus is this

pecan pie
pavlova with lemon curd and cream
chocolate torte
shortbread cookies with almond glaze
assorted nuts in shells
figs stuffed with walnuts
homemade chocolates

holy smokes
as i see it written here, i realize
i've gone overboard
yet again

i have a brother
that is the picture of health
and nary a sugar or fat
shall pass his lips
except for these
my peanut butter cups
which i have 
formed into turkeys
in a post modernist
close one eye and look at it
 in a darkened room 
kinda way
peanut butter turkeys
(printable recipe)
molded chocolate oval cups
bittersweet chocolate ganache
1 cup chunky peanut butter
1 cup graham cracker crumbs
1/2 cup +/- powdered sugar
piped chocolate "tail feathers"
fill the cups about 1/3 of the way with cooled but still runny ganache. place in refrigerator to cool completely.  mix together the peanut butter, graham cracker crumbs and powdered sugar. add more powdered sugar to taste and to get the right a firm cookie dough.  remove the cups from the refrigerator and place an mound of peanut butter on top of the ganache--forming a rounded top. cover with a layer of ganache and pop in the tail feathers.  let cool at room temperature or in the fridge if you are pinched for time.


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