Tuesday, November 23, 2010

venison stoup

i call this stoup because 
it is a soup-slash-stew
or stew-slash-soup
it cooks for about 3 hours
but is brothy
and a great way to use some of the less tender pieces of venison
but would also be great with beef
if that is your thing
this is really delicious
even if you think it is sad that anyone would eat bambi
no one eats bambi
bambi was a cartoon, silly
this is bambi's mother
venison stoup
(printable recipe)
4 strips of bacon-diced
2 lbs venison-cut into chunks
1 medium onion--diced
3 cloves garlic--chopped
2 ribs celery--chopped
2 turnips--chopped
2 large carrots--cut into rounds
4-6 small red or white potatoes--quartered
1 head cabbage--cut into pieces
14oz can stewed tomatoes--sqeezed to crush
1 1/2 tsp chili powder
1 tsp kosher salt
1/2 tsp black pepper
1 cup venison or beef broth
4-5 cups water
cook the bacon in a stock pot and render all the fat.  meanwhile, dry the venison with paper towel.  once the fat is rendered and the bacon starts to get crunchy, add the venison and cook until browned on all sides. toss in the onion, celery and garlic and cook until they begin to soften.  toss in the rest of the vegetables, including the tomatoes.  add the chili powder, salt and pepper.  give it a stir or two and then add the liquid.  you want enough liquid to cover the meat and vegetables.  give it another stir and then cover and cook over low heat about 3 hours.  check often to make sure it is not boiling (you want a simmer), and that you have enough liquid.
serve with crusty sourdough bread



  1. What I wouldn't give to sop up some of those gorgeous stoupy juices w/ some crusty bread...YUM! It's been far too long since I've had venison, this sounds awesome :D Thanks so much for sharing it w/ the hearth and soul hop this week!

  2. I forgot which cookbook said it, however, I've also heard of these types of soups referred to as "sops."

    I now know what I'm doing with the rest of that venison in the freezer. Thanks!

  3. My stomach just growled! Yum, I love that there is cabbage in it too!
    I was wondering where Bambi's mom went, I havent seen her around in awhile! Haha!

  4. How clever is that ! Thanks for stopping by and definitely saving this recipe!

  5. Ooooh, yum! I will have to try this next time I get my hands on some venison!

  6. Aw, you've just brought back a rush of memories. The main meat that I ate growing up was deer, and I can't tell you how many bowls of deer stew I ate. Thanks for sharing your recipe with the Hearth and Soul hop.

  7. Ok....well....I don't mind eating Bambi or Bambi's mother.....ha. But, I am a beef girl all the way. This stoup looks divine.

  8. mmm this looks great! it's 9 am and my mouth is watering!

  9. You have, right there, what I consider the most delicious of all meals.... Words cannot describe how much I love venison! In fact I'm going first thing in the morning in search of Bambi's mom. Thanks sooo much for sharing with the Hearth and Soul hop.


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