Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ripple Effect--Ready, Set Blog...

a couple of years ago, i wrote a post called  grandma's china
and in it i wrote
My husband can trace his family back to American Presidents and Early Settlers. I can trace my family to an apartment in the Bronx. I am very proud of my Italian heritage, and can be frequently heard complaining about how "white" my name is. I would love to have a name that rolls off the tongue like a sonata, but I am third generation and my name proves it.
Because I don't come from a long line of prestige; instead of passing down linens, monogrammed silver, or anniversary diamonds, we pass down generations of funny stories, old fashion Italian pride and great recipes
although my style has morphed from matter-of-fact story telling, to a gentle nudge of fact and imagination, 
the truth and enthusiasm remain
 i like to tell stories
and somehow
some way
these stories involve food
and most of the the time
evolve around food

rather than leave behind
dusty notes 
yellowed journals

i blog

and those who will
are invited to

laugh with me
cook with me
travel with me
celebrate with me
and i
with them

my initial intention with this post was to fill it with compelling reasons
that would move a jury to nod in agreement
that my blog, and i, for that matter
should move on to the next round of the
foodbuzz project food blogger contest
and while this remains an intention
really, who doesn't like to win?
i have stumbled upon the memory of why 
i blog
because it is fun
and fun
is a good thing


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