Wednesday, September 29, 2010

crispy-crunchy chocolate bars

mea culpa
i can't resist it
chocolate is so lovely
i can't resist making stuff with it
truth be told
i am sort of hoping that surrounding myself with chocolate
will perhaps make me sick of it
and then miraculously
i become one of those people
who hates chocolate
and then
i become one of those people
who can't seem to keep my weight up
and then
i become one of those people
that gets stopped on the street and asked if i am a model
until then
i suppose i will just have to suffer
and so will you
mea culpa

hubster claims he hates caramel
unless of course
it is surrounded with bittersweet chocolate
especially if it is surrounded by
crunchy, crispy chocolate
these are easy to make
if you don't have a chocolate mold
you can make these in paper cups
tart tins, candy cups,
you can form caramel into bars and dip in the chocolate
in the image of a popular bar found in the candy aisle

you can find a couple of good caramel recipes
and how to temper chocolate
in this post
for the crispy bits
which you can purchase at a candy supply store
 (cereal can be used in a pinch)
try this
if nothing else
you can make a grand
and eat it too


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