Wednesday, July 7, 2010

yogurt pops

summer is in full swing
and it is hot, hot, hot
which is the perfect weather 
for frozen treats
these are guilt free
but taste oh so sinful
enjoy a handful after dinner tonight!
frozen yogurt pops
(printable recipe)
2 cups fruit
2 cups plain non-fat yogurt (i use greek yogurt)
1/2 cup sugar
juice from 1/2 lemon
1 tsp vanilla
pinch of salt

process the fruit, juice, salt and vanilla in a blender or food processor until pureed.  at this point, if you don't like seeds in your pops, strain. pour in yogurt and pulse a few times.  taste for sweetness and add additional sweetener if needed.  pour into popsicle molds, or dixie cups and freeze.

I am participating in alphabe-thursday
over at

you should go check it out
and see what all the fun is about
this week
sponsored by the letter Y

for a bit of fun, i dipped the pops in flavored sugar candies


  1. These look wonderful. The added dip makes them really special.

  2. Super ‘Y’ post – in one word: yummy!

    Have a great Alphabe-Thursday,


    PS Mine this week is HERE. Hope you can join me!

  3. This looks perfect!! Now if the sun would just come out...

  4. Hi, thanks for coming to my party - honey and roses, just perfect, although if you could spare a few of those pops ......

  5. I will be right over - I will take a blueberry -- do you have any?..bkm

  6. Yum Yum! Raspberry, please, as long as you're making them............

  7. OH YUM! YUm....I am hungry!

  8. My grandkids would love these. I will try it.

  9. These look delicious! Nothing like the yuck I had going on. It's not wheatgrass and doesn't even have any in it. It's made from a bunch of greenish fruits and vegetables. It's called "Refreshing Top O' the Mornin' Green Smoothie" and these photos were taken BEFORE the fish oil was added. It smells um, erm, uh, not as bad as you'd think.

  10. Christy this is an excellent "Y" word! Your yogurt pops look so refreshing. I will have to make some soon as we are having the hottest summer in many years.

  11. Hmmmm...yogurt pops! Never thought of that before but they look delicious.

  12. what a cool treat for a hot summer day.
    fabulous y post.

  13. Hi Christy, thanks for stopping by my blog! I enjoyed reading about how you got your first easy A in college with Wordsworth's poem -- thanks for sharing! It's wonderful how you could still remember the poem in college. I guess we never really forget the beautiful things that were given to us when growing up. =D

    Your yogurt pops look so yummy and refreshing! Just the thing to have on a hot summer day. Enjoy the weekend!

  14. I love greek yogurt! We make something like this a lot but rarely get to freezing them - we drink them too fast. Dipping them in candies sure looks fun!

  15. What a delicious stop on our little journey through Alphabe-Thursday's letter "Y"!

    I adore greek yogurt. I bet it is wonderful in these pops!

    Thanks for sharing your idea and recipe!

    And thanks for linking up!


  16. I don't really care for yogurt but these look very interesting. Maybe I should give them a try. I loved going out west to see the sites. There's just so many wide open spaces. Great Y post.

  17. Hi Neighbor!! Love your Y ! Funny thing, we go into Pasadena to go to whole foods, they had a sample of "salmon" sushi...the sauce was wonderful...ate a back the next week to get some of the sauce, we said it was on the Salmon one...he said "We no make it in Salmon, Shrimp only" We said No No, it was Salmon...He said NO NO, only shrimp...What is so funny, I HATE shrimp, cant stand the texture. BEST shrimp I ever

  18. Christy, this is soooooo beautiful and inviting. You are so talented and your touch makes things so beautiful, from the simple to the grand.
    Thank you so much for this post and I hope your week is fantastic.

  19. Yummm! We love fruit and yogurt :o) And my hubby eats greek yogurt like icecream...he must eat it 2 times a day! It's his favorite "snack".

    Thank you for sharing!
    Blessings & Aloha!
    And thank you sooo much for stopping by! :o)

  20. These look so much better than the stuff you get at the store. I'm pretty sure my kids would love them.

  21. Looks great and probably a lot healthier than Cold Stone!

    Stopping by from SITS and I'm glad I did

  22. Yummy! What a fun website you have. I love it!

    Thanks for visiting me.

  23. I am making these tomorrow with the kids....I know they will be a big hit!


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