Tuesday, July 13, 2010


i had some leftover filling from the dumplings
and a hungry household
i played around a bit
and made an
asian flavored egg and hash breakfast

what i have to offer on the subject is
it seems
 i do love breakfast food 
i took the filling recipe from here
and coated it with instant potato flakes 
(yes, i do keep them in the pantry; because you never know)
and  fried it in a bit of olive oil
until the potato was brown and crunchy, 
and the pork was cooked through
and  then
i placed it on a bed of pan-fried spinach

using the same pan (after wiping it clean),
 i added a bit more olive oil and cooked the egg in a cookie cutter
like so
tip: if you do this, put a cover on, and then the white will cook before the yolk hardens
the yummy looking crunchy squares you see are simply,
 wonton skins deep fried to crispy goodness 
and they are surprisingly good for dipping into the soft and creamy yolk
*add a little hot mustard and/or chili sauce to zest it up a bit

make this
you won't be sorry


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