Saturday, July 17, 2010

pulled pork sliders

i love the movies
as a matter of fact
hubster and i have a standing date on tuesdays
a matinee and bucket of popcorn

but on saturday past
we changed it up a bit
and went to an evening show
in a cemetery
with a 

blanket and picnic baskets in hand
we settled in to watch
(cary grant, ooh la la)
there really isn't a recipe for these...
i used leftover pork ribs that i tossed in a bit of
really yummy vinegar based bbq sauce
that i got at central bbq
and i put it all on some dinner rolls
so simple, but so delicious
and great for a picnic


  1. Sound fabulous! What a fun date...I have always wanted to go do the movie at Forest Lawn (I think that's where it is) in L.A.

  2. MMMMM ok that sounds delish i dont know how anyone could pass up a good BLT even a bad one is still good LOL well unless the bacon is burnt like crazy lol! Anyway darling i have missed u lots hope u have been well im making a come back slowly, im taking each day as they come.


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