Friday, January 13, 2012

will travel for food

a friend posted a question on facebook
"what is the farthest you've traveled just for food"
my initial response
"i'm embarrassed to say"
it became a competition
complete with 
 mocking and cajolery

another friend
in that manner that indicates more statement than question
"isn't all travel about food?"

i'm in that camp
for me
food is part of the sensory experience 
of travel

but i am curious
do you feel the same way?

to answer the question regarding how far i have traveled....specifically...for food
it is a toss up between

127 miles
in the dead of winter in alaska for halibut fish and chips
140 miles round trip
from a campground in mississippi to a rural gas station
for caramel cake 
(you can see that story here)

I ask YOU
what is the farthest you have traveled just for food?
i would love to read your response
in the comment section


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