Friday, December 23, 2011

feast of seven fishes

christmas eve dinner
has always been a bit of a hodgepodge for us
growing up
my mom and i would do most of the cooking
relatives would contribute to the bounty
with a specialty or two of their own
the only constant
linguine with clam sauce
the rest
a crap shoot
as the crowd grew from 20 or so people
to upwards of 70
my folks began having the affair catered
among the large chaffing dishes of gorgeous catered food
there was always a platter of
linguine with clam sauce
for the first time
in the 40 plus years my folks have lived in california
we are doing an immediate family only christmas eve
which means
instead of 70 people
we will be 
for the very first time 
we are doing a traditional italian christmas eve supper
a feast of seven fishes
(for more on this tradition click here)
because i am italian
which means
my fear of not having enough food for people to eat
supersedes my need for stress reduction
we are having
2 by land and 8 by sea
what is christmas without just a little bit of pork?

i am not crazy enough to make the food twice
(once for the blog and once for real)
i will be sharing the recipes
post christmas
i wanted to share our menu
just in case 
you are looking for last minute ideas

A Feast of Seven Fishes
Christmas Eve
roasted shrimp cocktail
gravlax with blini
calamari fritti
bluefin tuna tartar
cheese platter

linguine with clam sauce
orchiette with sausage & spinach
king crab
swordfish siciliano
baccala pugliese
kalua pork

arugula salad
braised leeks
roasted asparagus

cream puffs

Merry Christmas 
to those of you who celebrate
...a weekend filled with joy
for all


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