Wednesday, December 21, 2011

chocolate dipped

i'm a chocolate girl
when i was young
young, like grammar school, young
my sister and i had a chocolate business
we spent our evenings

melting chocolate
making caramels and creamy marshmallows

eggs in spring
christmas trees in winter
chocolate lollies for every holiday in between

as an adult
my choice in chocolate
has become a bit more sophisticated
i prefer dipped confections
to molded ones

for the holidays
i made a few of my favorites
"100grand bars"
chocolate dipped grahams
gingerbread "mallomars"
for the 100Grand bars
 i like this caramel recipe from joyofbaking
just add a nice pinch of sea salt
cut into squares
mix crispy rice in the tempered chocolate and dip the caramel into it

for the gingerbread mallomars
the gingerbread marshmallow recipe can be found
place on top of a graham cracker and enrobe in tempered chocolate

for the chocolate covered grahams
i simply cut the graham crackers into 4 pieces and dip them in tempered chocolate
the design on the top is made with a chocolate dipping tool

i buy my chocolate 20 lbs at a time and to be frank, only use callebaut 63% and 70%
i find it is terrific both in sweets and baking

here is a great video showing you an easy way to temper chocolate using your microwave

like anything, the better the ingredients, the better the result
happy dipping!


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