Sunday, November 13, 2011

white truffles of umbria

as you may have figured
i am mid-term into an italian holiday
the bulk of our trip is in umbria
more luck
it is truffle season
the white truffles of umbria 
are highly fragrant
and prized
i met a purveyor this afternoon
and was able to get a few knobs for myself
the truffle hunter gave me a little tip
to store the truffles in a large container
aside 2 or 3 raw eggs in their shell
after several days
the eggs themselves will taste of truffle
i'll let you know
how it goes


  1. Gotta fess up...I'm totally jealous! I look forward to hearing more about your incredible adventures in Italy and can't wait to hear how the eggs turn out.

    To la dolce vita!


  2. Bijouxs is hoping for a little truffle from Umbria, after all you are the Rippler:) Love hearing about your trip!

  3. bij---this has been a big to do! the guy i bought the truffles from gave me specific he is worried they will decay before i get them home. fingers crossed i will have a bit of time to play with them when i get home. i got black and it should be fun will definitely have to be a part of that!



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