Wednesday, November 2, 2011

child catcher halloween costume

i know
halloween is in the past
and we have moved rapidly on to
the next big holiday
i want to share something

i am not a seamstress
there was that one quarter of sewing
in jr. high school
where we made pillows and wrap skirts

really, i don't even know 
how to sew
i do it anyway
i act unafraid
i improvise

i'm sharing with you
so you understand
it is possible
with little or no training
with a bit of creative thinking
anyone can make
these costumes
for the child catcher coat
i used simplicity pattern 5386--closed the back and didn't add the collar or cuffs
i cut the sleeve pattern as prescribed, then pinned parchment paper to it, and fashioned it around my arm to the desired shape...and cut the parchment to match. opened it up..and had a new sleeve pattern.
all of the colors and patterns, are added on top of the the original coat giving it heft.  i made this in one afternoon
the glove is a black glove with a piece of oasis duck-taped on it. the lollipops are simply stuck and hot glued.
for the planet of the apes costume
i used butterick pattern  b4574--instead of an open collar for the shirt, i kept it closed and added a rolled collar, and hemmed the shirt cuff rather than adding elastic.  from the same pattern, i was able to make the vest--eliminating the cap sleeves and shortening it to hit at the hip.  the vest is made of pleather. i was able to make the ridges by taking strips of the pleather hot-gluing 1/4" cording down the center, then sewing the strips onto the vest.  the ammo belt is also pleather, with a covering of fishnet. 

i know this all seems rather simplified...but it is to make a point
it is rather simple
the work with sewing
is in the preparation
much like carpentry
measure twice
cut once
prepare your materials
pay attention to the directions
don't sweat it
i doubt anyone will criticize your costume
while you are handing them candy

i hope you had a great halloween
aren't freaked by the notion
christmas is only 52 days away


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