Friday, October 21, 2011

travelogue spokane {travel}

spokane, washington was my home for 6 interrupted years
interrupted because
the years weren't consecutive
 i attended university here
then left
transferred back for a job
and left again
i return several times each year
for meetings
and i find myself
envious of spokanites
it. is. true.
each time i return to spokane i find new treasures

frozen mornings, warming to crisp afternoons
flaming red leaves of trees readying for winter
a crook of the river, hugging a long forgotten road

along a stretch of highway leading out of town
sits a charming eatery
a jewel of a place
called chaps

walking in the door
is more like stumbling into a magical cottage
i felt a bit like gretel  
following the scent of sugar and spices
to an airy room
dressed in chandeliers, marbled tables
incredibly hip patrons

i am a pastry chef
for professional reasons (cough,cough)
i sample
the adorable young man behind the counter {trevor}
apple fritter
vegetable omelet with chorizo
(not on the menu)
i added a pumpkin latte

the omelet was overstuffed and oozing with cheese
joined with perfectly cooked breakfast potatoes 
and freshly baked thick toast
the latte was as large as the harvest moon and filled with the flavors of pumpkin pie
it all was delicious, but i must admit
the fritter was my favorite
eschewing the cloying sweetness of a donut, for the mastery of a french pastry
it had me plotting my next visit before i finished my last

if you find yourself with a grumbling stomach
wandering the by-ways of the northwest
seek out chaps
a not-so-hidden treasure
in spokane washington


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