Sunday, October 2, 2011

crepe brulee

is not all about
rose queens and debutantes
penny loafers and posh hotels
along the edges
nearing the fringe

bijouxs and the rippler (that's me)
inspired by
art & culture
the storied past of pasadena
underground than paseo
after hours than high tea
pop art than prep school

created an unexpected gem
a confection well loved
in the tea salons of paris
to lust worthy
in the altier of bijouxs

bijouxs and the rippler
met at camp
instantly bonded over
immaculately curated bunk rooms
(think pendleton blankets, leather steamer trunks and vintage oil lamps)
and an
aversion to mingling
it was no surprise to learn
they both hail

it was an instant friendship
bonding while breaking bread
not clear who said it first
but both agree
pasadena can be sexy
and hip
ahead of the curve
it just doesn't want everyone to know

now the secret is out

lynn and i have collaborated
on an amazing dessert
preppy handbook meets laduree

 crepe brulee
(printable recipe)

lynn gray of bijouxs is an artist in the kitchen
she brings a designer's palate to food

when the light casts like chiffon in my kitchen
i close my eyes
wandering my mind to the bijouxs studio
to watch
my simple dessert of crepes and custard
become art

to learn more about lynn and her classic Bijouxs style
jewels from the kitchen
click here


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